Saturday, March 12, 2011

Real Life Bay Area Yacht Clubs interested in Secondlife Sailing

Real Life Bay Area Yacht Clubs interested in Secondlife Sailing.
Island Yacht Club to hold Virtual Sailing night at its annual membership dinner on March 19.
The Commodore Dave Bloch ,Of the Island Yacht Club in Alameda California. contacted iSail last week . 

Island Yacht Club! IYC was founded in 1970 by a group of sailboat racers who wanted to offer the best possible value in a yacht club. Located in the Alameda Marina on the sunny and calm Oakland / Alameda Estuary, IYC is ideally located for a quick day sail or a warm downwind sail home after a day's thrashing on the Bay.

IYC is an-all volunteer non-profit Yacht Club open to any and all interested in sail or power. Club members enjoy a large Clubhouse with all the amenities and great views of the Alameda/Oakland estuary. IYC is for boaters who seek camaraderie and fellowship without pretense.

They also have a great program involving Sailing for the blind. 

Dave is an SL sailor as well And will be showcasing Virtual Sailing to his members . The GGYCSL. Has Set aside a resvered area at both its clubs for tis real life sister club into Secondlife .and plans to help all new  arrivals  with free slips and Starter boats. We have also reseved land for a club house for them . 

Commodore Dave poses before the 
holy grail at Golden Gate Yacht Club
So welcome To Secondlife Sailing all new and Old Sailors of the Island Yacht Club. Wooooooot.

Commodore Dave Bloch ,MEMBER DINNER MARCH 19!
Be sure to come to IYC on the 19th and discover virtual sailing.  I’ll 
demonstrate that and you can try it yourself!

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Those who want to help can go to and donate to Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. Gifts to the American Red Cross will support our disaster relief efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.

People can make a $10 donation by texting REDCROSS to 90999. Their donation will go to support relief efforts for the earthquake in Japan and tsunami throughout the Pacific.
Some of the devastating footage of todays Tsunami in Japan
Beloow are links to the red cross

Friday, March 11, 2011

SL Sailing News:Epicurus Emmons Passes away.

Epicurus Emmons (Marcel) died 10th March 2011.
I'll open this with a shocking message sent to us yesterday.

"It is with the deepest sense of loss that I have to inform all of our friends here on Second Life that, after 18 months fighting with a brain tumour that kept coming back, my darling Epi passed away at 8.55 p.m. UK time on 10th March. I was at his side holding his hand talking to him and comforting him. My mother, sister and daughter [who he considered as his own] were with me.

I will forever be grateful that Fanci brought us together and that we shared our lives for what time he had left.

I will never forget him or the love we shared because - I carry his heart in my heart and I always will."SurfWidows Tribute page,

Pippa Rexen
March 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome To Got Wind a Secondlife Sailors Blog.

Welcome to the Newest addition to the iSail family:,Announcing (Got Wind) A Secondlife Sailing blog for everything from the New and exciting Wildwind Wildcats 35/45/72.
to event and team announcements and technical updates to shared knowledge.
iSail and Got wind IS the sister Site that will share informaton between them .

With the growing interests In the Americas cup in Secondlife and the Rl teams getting involved iSail needed more than one dedicated page to share and inform .
We welcome all Sailors and crews to contribute Articles and stories here.

Disabled Sailors:
Got Wind will also center its attentions and share links and programs for Disabled Sailing efforts globally and in Secondlife .com

Boat builders page :
There will be a dedicated page for all boat builders in secondlife to share new and future projects on .

SLAC World series :
Weekly club events results page will be here anyone may post to . Bea Woodget has said she will design a speedsheet for us as soon as more clubs get involved.

Below is one of the Videos presented to Americas Cup Event Management .iSail is now Team Australia's American Media Company and Secondlife Representative. We will be helping team Australia efforts.
In promoting and securing Sponsors and Volunteers for their efforts as well as, The Argo challenge , An effort for a Disabled sailors Entry , in the Americas cup Secondlife is the perfect platform for conference and media sharing as well as graphic designs and signage sponsors can view.
Secondlife Sailing is going to go through a growth period with Gobal exposure. That the Americas cup will and is bringing to it .
iSail is getting inquiries from major media outlets in last few days worldwide. The video below was released with a private link monday night to ACEM since over 100 Americas cup hopefuls and administrators have viewed it . I was told I could release it last night but I am just now getting around to it .

Real life Sailing Clubs :
Many reallife sailing clubs have expressed interest in Secondlife in the past week or so.iSail will be helping them incorporate into Secondlife hopefully, These clubs are disabled Sailor aware Yacht clubs from the bay area .They offer many special programs from youth sailing, to handicapped sailing to sailing for the blind .My next article will focus on this .

Getting Involved:
SL sailors, we need your help as well as every sailing club in sl, if Sl sailing is to grow and take advantage of our time in the spotlight .I only wish we can all pitch in and help support our new friends.This is bigger than any One club can manage and I hope we all can all offer some sort of program or recommend your members one.
Share your day here :
Win a race, tell us about it, find a new boat ,new rezz zone, new ocean, share it here. Anyone can post here,Building a boat? want a boat built? tell us, have a question ,just ask .
Hold your own race:
Want to have your own race?- we'll help or help someone start one remember. All the lines in
Secondlife sailing waters are free to use and public, you dont have to be affiliated with any one club to hold a race . Dont know the rules, hold a fun race ,
Share your photos :
Dedicated Secondlife Sailing photo page:
Share with Secondlife and world just post them from your computer to here, it's simple and easy Just click, add a comment on the photo page and add your photo and snipet of what it is .
SL Sailing Blogs:
If you you have a secondlife blog please share a snipit in our blogs favorites ,(please)we just ask that its sailing or boating related.